Founded in 1996

Net Gain Founder John Alexander - imageNet Gain was founded in 1996 by John Alexander, an attorney admitted to practice in California and Ohio who has an equal breadth of experience in law, journalism, business management and the internet. Net Gain's specialty is an audit-style review of existing websites - culminating in a detailed written report - with an eye for national legal standards compliance, privacy and security consciousness, accessibility, usability and overall effectiveness.

Legal Credentials

John R. Alexander earned a juris doctor degree from The Ohio State University College of Law, and was admitted to the State Bar of Ohio in 1984. He served for three years as assistant attorney general under AG Anthony Celebrezze, in the Ohio Office of Collective Bargaining.

In 1987, he was admitted to the State Bar of California. He served as a litigation associate for San Diego-based Jennings, Enstrand & Henrikson, labor counsel to Southern California Edison Co. (second largest US utility) and vice president and general counsel for publicly-traded AMN Healthcare, Inc.

Net Gain's specialty is its "website audit," in which a client site is reviewed for regulatory compliance and overall effectiveness. We can help protect your intellectual property through copyright and trademark registration, and can advise in cases of alleged client infringement.

Technical Expertise

Since its founding in 1996, Net Gain has served a wide variety of clients, bringing businesses, professional firms, advocacy groups and other organizations online, and assisting with technical, legal and process issues that arose.

International specialty cosmetics  company Advocacy Sites - Americans United for Affirmative Action, an advocacy group founded by Martin Luther King III Political candidates and party organizations Professional firms - San Francisco-based FE Jordan Associates - International Civil Engineering firmInternational Clothing Retailer - Murphy of IrelandProfessional Association - Association of Chartered Accountants in the US

Alexander's computer expertise began with Cobol and Fortran programming in the 1970's, back when punch cards were the input mechanism of choice. Since then, he has worked with most computer platforms and a wide variety of software. He has been working with the World Wide Web since its inception.

Moreover, Net Gain associates with a group of top-notch specialists for particular needs - graphic artists, HTML and script programmers, specialty lawyers and marketing gurus - available to advise and assist as a project requires.

Research and Production of Original Web Content

Especially today, as the internet reaches a more mature stage in its evolution, "content is king." Your potential customers go online to find specific information or entertainment, and have become much more savvy about digging through the drek to get to truly useful material. Search tools such as Google help them do so, by measuring the quantity and quality of information in determining which pages are returned for any particular search phrase.

Alexander's experience as a print journalist - including award-winning writing and photography for the Dayton Daily News - and skills in research, both online and off, gives him the capability of producing original content to the client's specifications that is both useful and entertaining. Net Gain has a great deal of experience "re-purposing" public domain and other relevant royalty-free materials for use in the information age.

Contact Net Gain Communications Consultants

If you would like to more information about Net Gain, please submit a contact form and we will respond right away. We do not list our email address on our site, to discourage "spam harvesting" of our email addresses.

Effective July 2004: The California Online Privacy Protection Act

Do you ever receive website responses (including email) from residents of California? Then be sure your privacy policy complies with the new California requirements.

Compliance with online privacy standards is just part of our website audit. Contact attorney John Alexander at Net Gain for more information.

How does a Net Gain website audit work?

Though the audit is tailored to your needs, generally there are three stages to the process:

Information Gathering

From the client, we gather any mission statement, copies of recent ads, brochures or other marketing pieces, as well as an idea of organizational goals for the site.

Research & Analysis

Net Gain reviews the client's website as well as competitive sites, in light of prevailing laws and standards, and client goals.

Reporting & Follow-Up

The client receives a review of the existing website, and proposed priorities for upgrade, in a detailed, illustrated written report. A follow-up meeting with the client's decision-makers and Net Gain principal John Alexander is held at the client's offices or by teleconference.

Read our terms of use and copyright notice, and our privacy policy for more information on each of these subjects.
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