Building a More Effective Online Retail Presence

Net Gain has been building and upgrading eCommerce sites for existing brick-and-mortar retail businesses since its founding in 1996. We can scope the online market for your industry, determine whether internet sales are right for your operation and translate your existing strengths into an online presence that will enlarge your retail reach.

You spent years building your existing business reputation. Be sure that the costs and potential problems involved in establishing an eCommerce site will be offset by the revenue - and that your reputation will be strengethened thereby.

Our process is tailored to your needs and specifications. We get to know you and your industry, and put together a site that best reflects the strengths of your business and products or services. With a background in computer programming, journalism, business management and law, Net Gain founder John Alexander brings to bear not only these skills but also eight years of experience bringing online retailers as diverse as a New York-based specialty cosmetics maker and an Ireland-based family clothing business.

Contact Net Gain Communications Consultants

If you would like to more information about the Net Gain approach to eCommerce, please submit a contact form and we will respond right away. We do not list our email address on our website, to discourage "spam harvesting" of the addresses.

From brick-and-mortar to "bricks-and-clicks"

Selling online is an increasingly sophisticated operation, far more than placing a few products and a shopping cart on a website. Contact Net Gain for more information.

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